Scandal, I don’t know how to feel these feelings you’re making me feel.

Soooo episode 5 gave me life, then snatched it right out of my body, and then violently shoved it back down my throat. Lord have mercy on us all. 

1. So I just need to start off with Huck. Huck, sweetheart, what have you been going through bro? I will nuzzle your head in my chest if that will make you not peel people like grapes. I will do that for you. Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, Huck has seen some shit and been through some thangs in his day. When Olivia asked him to find Amanda’s body, Huck went all the way to the left and did work. I feel like he was on some Jason Bourne/ Dr. Lecter/ Dexter type shit. Like I said before, Huck is the trillest motherfucker alive, he gets shit done, and sacrificed his own “sobriety” (from mutilating people I presume?) to help out his girl Liv. That’s real love right there, and no one can convince me otherwise. But not gonna lie, that dude had it coming. You don’t call him Huck Finn and think you can walk away unscathed. You got him all fucked up bro. I hope next week we find out a little more about his past because he basically blacked out and when to a whole other place on us.

2. Mellie. Bitch I see you. Idk who you think you’re foolin, but it aint me. She is just as shady and manipulative like everyone else in that White House. Your time is coming chick. How is she just gonna pull the secret service agents aside and basically be like, Fitz, we have people on staff to take care of your light work (aka Amanda) so carry on. This broad is scandalous.

3. Cyrus. Cyrus has depleted his fucks fund about Amanda and the whole situation.  Like how amoral can you get?? Saying that you don’t give a damn that shes dead (though I dont care too much either because that hoe was lying all along, so good riddance) but still, you don’t say that shit aloud. I need him to go cuddle his adorable husband and possibly learn how to be a human being again, because he has gone off the deep end into a realm of ass-hattery and and Lucifer type behavior. I’m gonna put in an application for Cyrus to join the Bloods oro Crips, because thats the level he’s on at this point. Just straight gangsta shit.

4. Quinn, you simple, simple bitch. When Harrison tells you to be somewhere on time, you get there on time, and he does not want to hear you run your mouth when you show up, just stfu and do what you’re told. This bitch is gonna learn eventually. And im not putting anything past her either, because she’s still being lame and talking to Gideon. It’s like she wakes up and eats several bowls of stupid for breakfast. Makes my head hurt.

5. OLIVIA. DON’T. FUCK. AROUND. She went out to that undercover car like that bad bitch she is, grabbed those agents by the tiny hairs, and let them know that she is not the one. And what did they do? Went crying back to Fitz like little girls because Olivia set them straight. And then Fitz had the unmitigated gall to call Liv and try and check her on what she did?? Who gon’ check her boo? No one. Not one damn person. And what sent me over the edge was Fitz having the nerve to tell Liv to trust her gut and know that he didn’t have anything to do with Amanda’s death. Um, excuse me sir, but YOU RUINED OLIVIA BEING ABLE TO TRUST HER GUT WHEN IT COMES TO YOU. The fuck, Fitz? Granted, I believe him, because he honestly sounded sincere and a little distraught when Liv told him what happened. I think that Fitz realized, FINALLY, that Cyrus aint shit, and he knows that Olivia was not out to get him. It just might be too late. Hopefully not, because he said fuck the Secret Service, I need to go see Liv, and negotiated like a boss to do so.

6. While on the subject of Fitz, he bossed the fuck up on the crazy ass Vice President. Fitz was like, aye bitch, we were good on the campaign trail together, I respect you, and if you ever, EVER EVER EVER want to be the HBIC in this here Oval Office, you are gonna do what the hell I tell you to do, and pass the Dream Act. And she did. Much respect Fitz, much respect.

7. The other story that ran, with the plane crashed just showed why people call Olivia Pope and associates when they need help. Harrison was on his game like no other. The things I would do to him. oh my.

And uh, that blackmail video Fitz and Cyrus received? Creepy, yet very creative using Nixon’s resignation announcement. God this is juicy.

Now, next week, I might just melt into my bed. The steam between Liv and Fitz with those flashback scenes will most likely be emanating from my TV screen. When Liv tells him “this isnt appropriate” and Fitz responds with “well lets get inappropriate” I just… its like 


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