Random Scandal theory

Ok so I’ve gone on and on about how i dont trust Quinn, and what a simple bitch she appears to be, but something just popped into my head about her. So this last episode, she was very insistent to Olivia that Amanda panicked and ran away, and she seemed very scatterbrained about it is well, as if she was panicking. Granted everyone was losing their shit at that moment, but Quinn seemed off, even weirder than her usual self. That bitch is scheming.

I’m going out on a very unstable limb with this revelation, but a teeny tiny part of me thinks that Fitz didnt sleep with Amanda. We know the baby wasnt his, and obviously theres some sort of plan to take Fitz down, that involved Amanda. What i think might have happened was that liv and fitz got caught, unbeknownst to them, and Amanda has been brought in to stir shit up. Fitz never outright admitted to an affair, and immediately denied paternity when it was learned that Amanda was preggs. Now, i realize the flaw in my idea is that recording of Fitz and presumably Amanda, but i think Fitz knows that its him and Liv, but didnt let Cyrus in on that part.

Also, in the case of “sweet baby”  What I think could have happened was that the recording picked up Fitz saying sweet baby to Liv, and it was shared with Amanda, who in turn played Quinn’s mental midget ass, to get the ball rolling and shake shit up. And I also don’t think he bought her that dog. I just don’t. If it wasn’t for Glee tomorrow, Idk if I could make it until Thursday.


Ok, so one of my theories was disproved, Fitz did bang Amanda, he admits it to Olivia when he’s in her apartment. ugh.

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